Let’s first acknowledge Forsage for what it is…a bona fide “smart contract” scam. Granted, there are greedy “entrepreneurs” that are endorsing it because being able to achieve top placement in Youtube, Google, etc., in order to capitalize on the stupidity and greed of gullible suckers who believe their B.S. Those people don’t want to help you and they KNOW you will fail. So unless you’re one of them who knows how to play the game, then you’re doomed.

If you bought in and are wondering “why” it hasn’t yet worked for you, then congratulations, you were scammed by the believability of the individual that was showing you how effortless it was for them to earn, knowing full well you had a slim chance of earning anything.

Now that we have that out of the way, we’ll now explain the purpose of the Forsage x4 Matrix with regards to the Forsage Smart Contract and International Crowdfunding platform.

The Forsage program consists of two separate matrices, the x3 and the x4.

While many people will want to focus on recruiting and signing up new members  (which applies directly to the Forsage x3 matrix), there are many people who may not be in the position to promote and market Forsage as a business but are quite interested in acquiring spillover from being mostly passive in terms of sharing Forsage with others.

That is where the Forsage x4 matrix comes into play, as all activity inside of the x4 matrix relates exclusively from spillover.

People who join Forsage can remain totally inactive in terms of referring members, yet still benefit from the potential spillover they receive from their upline. 

While there have been many examples of Forsage members receiving spillover into the x4 matrix, while having no referrals from x3, the individuals who are active in promoting and sharing the Forsage business, are the one’s who will find themselves in the best position to do well with the program.